Tran-Ye Countsdown!

Here we are at the top five songs of semi-final number two, and it even features our favourite song in the contest! YAY!!!!

I was originally going to leave this song out of my top five, but after listening to their rehearsal video I am convinced that everyone must listen to this song. This is the strongest song from the balkans this year, and this girl can sing! Coming in at number five Kaliopi representing (FYR) Macedonia, and her song “Crno i Belo”. Kaliopi is perhaps Macedonia’s most famous musician, and she absolutely smashes this song, it’s four different musical genres have nothing on her, and she even gives us a screech near the end. This is a song where the live performance is definitely better than the original. Awesome.

The Ukraine are back, back, BACK for Baku, with a disco stomping number performed by a diva in a frock wailing to infinity and beyond! The Ukraine are joint hosts of the Euro 2012 soccer tournament with Poland this year, and are using Gaitana’s “Be My Guest” as part of their advertising, which is equal parts fab and amazing! Having watched the rehearsals, I am expecting big things from this song, the song opens with a strut, has LED dancing men, and real live dancing men in fluro outfits. It’s just so great to have the old Ukraine back in the contest after a couple of years of rather boring entries, yay!

Speaking of bringing a better song this year than in the past, the Dutch decided to put a little bit of effort into their national selection and were rewarded with a great song! Joan Franka channels her inner Cher throughout her song, “You and Me” and the effect is instant. A slower more folksy song than we are used to in Eurovision, but one which just works. The Dutch haven’t made a Eurovision Final since 2004, but this is their best year yet, fingers crossed Joan! Here it is:

Blessed is he with the amazing thighs. And WHAT thighs too! Representing Norway this year is Tooji. I love Tooji. He is incredible. If you have some spare time google a few videos of him teaching people how to do his dance, its pretty fab. Along with the best thighs in the competition, Tooji also has one helluva song, and since being the surprise winner of the Norwegian selection, has become more and more popular in Europe. This is a great song, and one to watch in both this semi-final, and the final itself! If you would like to follow Tooji around Baku, the Schlagerboys are blogging regularly about his whereabouts! Yay for Tooji!!!

Finally, finally, FINALLY, we are at our favourite song of the second semi-final, my personal favourite of the contest, and the bookies favourite for the contest. This is a song which I have personally been looking forward to since I first saw that it would be in the Swedish Song Selection – Melodifestivalen last year. It won the Swedes over, is winning Europe over and I sure it will win you all over too! The song starts soft, but builds throughout and then explodes! The performance is understated, yet amazing. The song hasn’t changed much since it won Melodifestivalen, but the inclusion of strings and bigger boom at the beginning is pretty fab. This is one that I really hope manages to make it to the gay clubs of Australia, and if it does, I will be crab walking, sashaying and strutting with arms all over the dance floor! Here is Loreen, with “Euphoria”:

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Tran-Ye Countsdown!

Moving right along to semi-final two, and this really is the big one. I’m not entirely sure why, but for some reason the second semi-final always seems to attract the bigger players, and this year is no different.

Coming in at number ten, and barely scraping into a position for the final, is Serbia, this year represented by 2004 runner-up Željko Joksimović with his song, “Nije ljubav stvar”. Not only did Zeljko come 2nd in 2004, he also composed the song for Bosnia which came third in 2006 and he hosted the Song Contest in 2008! He is widely expected to do well this year, but his song is slightly lacking for mine. Expect this into the final, but withering mid table by the end of the night.

Turkey have decided to send something less hard and boring this year after last year’s disastrous semi-final exit, and it’s a pleasant change too! Can Bonomo brings a lively pop number to the stage, and even though it’s a little odd, it has grown on me an awful lot recently. After seeing his rehearsal I am really looking forward to his stage show, a nautical themed jaunt, and like the best Eurovision entries, I have no idea why. Here it is:

Next up, in at number 8, is Sofi Marinova with her song, “Love Unlimited” representing Bulgaria. Sofi sings in many languages all the while meandering around the stage to a disco thumper of a track! It is everything we love in a Eurovision song! In a contest dominated this year by ballads, any song with a bit of a beat and an added synthesiser is always going to be a winner here at the Schlager Party, and this is no exception. I don’t have high hopes for this song to make it to the final, but fingers crossed!

In at number seven is the cute little Maltese man, Kurt Calleja and his dancey tune featuring practically everyone from Malta, “This is the Night”. Malta tends to always punch above their weight, and even when they send us giant men dressed as seagulls, they are still completely fabulous! This year cute little Kurt does his best to improve a mediocre pop song, and look, it’s not the best, but it’s fun, and to us, that’s what Eurovision is all about. Yay, for Malta, and yay for fun!

Oh Georgia, what have you done? In one of the crazier, more authentically ‘Eurovision’ songs of the year, Georgia has gone and given us all kinds of batshit insane awesome. Since this song’s rather humble beginnings from the Georgian National Final, this song has undergone quite the transformation, to the point of it being not only listenable, but strangely likable. It is in a similar category to the great Verka Serduchka (but not quite there), in that it isn’t so much about the song, as the show, and what a show! Here it is!

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Tran-Ye Countsdown!

Continuing on from our last post, here are our Top 5 songs from semi-final one!!!

Let’s begin with a song that didn’t exactly excite me at first, in fact, i was quite unimpressed with it! What a difference two months can make! This is now one of my favourites in the contest, and whilst I maintain that it really isn’t up to the same standard as many other songs in terms of production, lyrics and musicality, the singer has three reveals, so hey, why not give it a chance? Coming in at number five is Latvia’s contestant Anmary and her song, “Beautiful Song” – just give it a chance!

Next up is another song which has grown on me a lot over the past months, Finland – represented by Pernilla Karlsson and her song, “Nar Jag Blundar”. I watched their selection live this year, and remember thinking, what is this drivel, and what is that wench on stage doing? Since then, it has grown on me so much that I am practically fluent in Swedish, at least for three minutes and when discussing Blundar… It really is a beautiful song, and I think that if they can get the staging right on the night, it will impress many!

In at number three is a country yet to win the contest, but have their best opportunity yet, Romania! This year they have sent Mandinga and their song “Zaleilah” – I don’t know what that means, and I am told it doesn’t actually mean anything, but hey, this is a fantastic pop song which is predicted to become a summer hit over in (Eastern) Europe… There is a lot going on, but my personal favourite is the high kneed accordion player!

Jedward are back, back, BACK this year, and they even have waterworks! Their song isn’t quite as instantly likable as last year, but their presence and following means they are one to watch. They will be performing last in this semi-final, and that in itself should see them through to the final! Also, I am deadly serious about the waterworks, they have brought a fountain to Azerbaijan, how great is that! Here is their song for Eurovision 2012, “Waterline”:

Topping our list of songs from the first semi-final is a country which always gives us pretty fab tunes, and this year is no different. Iceland have decided to send back Jonsi (who competed in 2004) with Greta Salome (and her fiddle) and their song “Never Forget” is absolutely incredible! The film clip to this is intense, with fabulous footage of Iceland coupled with the music at just the right times. Also, Jonsi is absolutely gorgeous, which makes viewing pretty easy! One to watch this year indeed!

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Tran-Ye Countsdown!

Ok, we are merely days away from the first semi-final, and I feel that it is appropriate to countdown the top 10 songs of each semi-final, starting at the very beginning (a very good place to start)! Let’s start with the first semi-final, 10 – 6!

Coming in at number 10 is a song which has a lot of people talking, and for some reason all those people are talking about it winning. I don’t share their enthusiasm, but this isn’t a bad song in the grand scheme of things. Here is Denmark, represented by Soluna Samay and her song, “Should’ve Known Better”.

At number 9 is a song which we think could do pretty great things in Azerbaijan. They have amongst themselves the eldest ever Eurovision entrant, and have already garnered a whole lot of media attention! They are of course the Russian Grannies or more appropriately, Buranovskiye Babushki. They have entered the delightful “Party for Everybody”, and whilst i don’t really want it to win the contest, seeing it in the final would put a huge smile on my face (for three minutes at least). here it is:

At number 8 is a country which is all but guaranteed a qualification place, and with one of the most impressive Eurovision CV’s of the past ten years it is no wonder why. Greece is back this year with a fab pop song after two years off in the relative doldrums, and even if they presented their song in a shopping centre, it is still pretty fab. Here is Eleftheria Eleftheriou with “Aphrodisiac”:

Meanwhile, number 7 is the erstwhile friend to Greece, and perennial 12 points giver, Cyprus, another country serving fab pop music this year after a year or so of rather odd stuff. Ivi Adamou is singing “La la Love” and it is a very Eurovision sounding song, and from rehearsals it is shaping up to be a very Eurovision song! Cyprus are yet to win the contest, is this their year? Probably not, but have a listen anyway:

Finally in this edition of Tran-Ye countsdown is a song which has received quite a bit of attention on the schlager party, Trackshittaz have become one of our favourites, but unfortunately have faded a little as of late. We are hopeful these guys can make the final, as “Woki Mit Deim Popo” is always a fun track to dance to. We can only hope, here it is:

Next time we look at our top 5 from semi 1! How exciting!

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Direkt till Final!

Ok, here we go, onto the first songs which have qualified for the contest, and not just the contest, but the final itself! Yes, we are talking about the Big 6! In what is shaping up as a pretty great year for Eurovision, all six of these songs are pretty great, but in the interest of minimalism (somewhat anyway) we will be omitting the unmovable Germany and the hypothermic Azerbaijan and showing our top four of the big six!

In fourth position is a man who really needs no introduction, officially the oldest male / solo performer in Eurovision history – Engelbert Humperdinck is hoping to bring back the trophy for the UK for the first time since 1997! Engelbert is opening the final this year and interestingly, the last time the UK opened the song contest in 1976, they won! How fab! Engelbert’s “Love Will Set You Free”, is a little unassuming at first, but give it a few plays and let the key-change make your day!

In third place, is a fab pop song by a veteran of the French music scene, Anggun! Even better, her video clip features gorgeous men parading themselves all around Anggun, clearly she has her priorities right! We are yet to see her rehearsals, but if she brings her dancing boys to Baku, this will be a song the gayers are going to go nuts for! Here is Anggun with “Echo (You and Me)”:

Next up we have a country who rarely do it for me when it comes to Eurovision, but this year they have delivered an absolute belter of a schlager ballad, that’s right, its Spain! Representing them this year is Pastora Soler, whose song “Quedate Conmigo” is one which just grows, and grows on me with every listen. The film clip delivers THE key change of the contest, I wont ruin it, but make sure you watch from 2.07 – shit gets hectic. Here it is:

Finally is a song which has been touted as a potential winner of the contest, and with good reason too! It is of course, Italy with “L’Amore È Femmina” performed by the fabulous Nina Zilli. Italy almost sent a pretty stock standard boring ballad, but at the last minute decided to go all fabulous for us! Yay! Any song which begins with a saxophone solo and is quickly followed by a “boom, boom” is going to get douze points from me! Keep a watch out for this on the night…

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Next time we will have a look at our top songs of the first semi-final, which is only DAYS away!!! Happy Schlagering!!!